Used Equipment For Sale

Omega Medical Supply sells Used equipment which is detailed for customers to purchase with confidence. Omega will purchase used equipment or sell your equipment on a consignment basis.

IMG 0246

Nervous System Framed Picture


IMG 0305IMG 0339

Zenith Hi Lo 210 with pelvic drop and tilt headpiece


IMG 0301

Lloyd Adjusting Bench with Tilt Headpiece


IMG 0095IMG 0093

Flexion Distraction Table


IMG 0384IMG 0378

Zerona Laser by Erchonia


IMG 0422

Cardio Treadmill


IMG 0431

Intersegmental Traction Table by Hill Labs


IMG 0425

Elevation Treatment Table with Power Tilt Back-Foot & Hand Control


IMG 0423IMG 0424

8 station compressed air weight system for upper & lower body for strength & rehab


IMG 0454

Contour Step Barrel


IMG 0418

Schwinn Upright Exericycle


IMG 0484

Richmar 2 Channel Stim with IFC, Premod, Russian, High Volt, Micro Current,
recently calibrated